Readers, You Are Just a `CLICK’ Away From Contacting Dr Charles Vaughn, President & Founder.

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Greetings to each reader: Please take the time to notice my Blog-Page' introductions. On the 'Blog-Page' you can CLICK' on any of the photo offerings (e.g. that may interest you) listed. >>>Then, you will be transferred to the COMMENT Box, you can type in the required information, along with your reviews & observations. >>>Add in your, return, personal Email address. >>>`CLICK’ the SEND COMMENT (i.e. you may wish to `check’ the “Send email copy to me” box). >>> Once, Dr Vaughn receives your `sent-blog-email’ he will review and get back in touch with the sender (e.g. you).

“Please Take Notice of the Right-Hand Date Listings”:

*February 2015; *November 2014; *March 2014; *February 2014; *December 2013; and *RECOGNITION. Each of the dates, listed above, will enable, you, the reader to review the various History-Submissions of: hebrews113evangelisticministriesinc.net involvements over the years of growth via photo &  linked photo information’s.

>>> Please visit our Website:  www.hebrews113evangelisticministriesinc.net  Thank you, for visiting, this, Blog!  Dr Vaughn, can be, email, contacted via dr_charles_l_vaughn@hebrews113evangelisticministriesinc.net 

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    January 9, 2020 at 12:03 AM

    Glad for the wonderful work you are doing,

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