Christian: “Are You Wearing The Whole Armour of God?”

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Whole_ArmourSt. Paul, in Ephesians 6 :10-18 helps us to visualize what it looks like to be dressed with the WHOLE ARMOUR OF  GOD suited for ‘spiritual-warfare’! Have ‘you’ fitted yourself with what St. Paul has instructed Christ-Centered believers to gear_up themselves  with? This is what the Whole Armour appears as – but just imagine the ‘spiritual-fit’ that is,  freely,  available — just for the taking. There is a catch one must have accepted the Lordship of Jesus Christ “without doubt; misgivings or despair. Visit my website’s Home Page (website address is above with the ‘Blog’) and ‘click’ on the Whole Armour of God navigation button. Within, you will discover the entire demonstration on how; why; where & when to: “Take unto yourself the Whole Armour of God”. Dr. Charles L. Vaughn, Founder, Owner, President and Pastor – Anderson, Indiana (USA).

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