Believers: “Can You Name Each Piece of The Whole Armour of God?”

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Pieces of ArmourIn the ‘post’ below, you can view the assembled: WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD! Here, every Christ-Centered, believer can exercise her and or his understanding regarding being ‘intimately’ familiar with each piece of THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD. Confused or discouraged? Don’t be! St. Paul, in Ephesians 6:10-18, provides ample descriptive details. Just as important. visit my website’s (website address above with the ‘Blog’) Home Page and ‘click’ on the Whole Armour of God navigation button. Once within, your joy; your faith; your enthusiasm will be greatly rewarded. How? I have a COMPLETE; DETAILED; EXHAUSTIVE (e.g. Sound Doctrine) TEACHING on each separate piece of THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD– nothing lacking. Taught in simplistic and easy to grasp Authorized King James Version Bible -1611 English. You can be assured that students being Home Schooled as well as those in Grammar; Elementary; Middle; Junior; Senior education, et al, can benefit from this website teaching! Bible Study groups can ‘partner’ with this necessary “Sound Doctrine!” Dr. Charles L. Vaughn, Founder, Owner, President and Pastor – Anderson, Indiana (USA).

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