Reverend Imrad Arshad – Pastor of “Hope of Life Ministy”

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Preaching & Teaching About the Love of God & Jesus Christ.

This Ministry/Church continues to stand for the “Love of God” and the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ!

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    March 1, 2014 at 12:01 AM

    If you will go to my website http://www.hebrews113evangelisticministriesinc.net — Scroll down the Home Page and notice “Prayerfully Contact Us” ‘click’ on this navigation bar and you will be taken to my Contact information direction. Also, if you will click on the “massage” line on the front page of the “Blog” it will introduce you to a complete email box, that allows you to email me and send a message and it has a space for your email (return) address! Hope to ‘read’ from each of you, soon! Remember! On the Blog’s front page beneath each photo, CLICK’ on ‘comment” line. Thanks to each of you!

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