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We intend to, prayerfully, offer to the Christ-Centered "Bible-Believing" Christian Community an opportunity to review
why: "We Use Only the Authorized King James Version Bible!" With this goal in mind, we present a segment from a 1974
sermon, "Why I Use Only the King James Bible" by Dr. Harold Bennet Sightler, B.A. D.D., Litt.D. LL.D - his book:
Testimony Founded For Ever: The King James Bible Defended in Faith and History.
      The sermon had the following eight points:
1. Because of its great age and general acceptance in the true church.
2. Because it is
not copyrighted.
3. Because of the honesty of the translators in italicizing words added for clarity in translation.
4. Because of the beauty of its language.
5. Because of its effect in great revivals in history.
6. Because I was saved by hearing its words.
7. Because of its power in the founding of  . . . churches through the centuries.
8. Because I believe it is the preserved, inspired, Word of God for English speaking people.
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About the Author:
G. A. Riplinger has B.A., M.A., and M.F.A. degrees, has done additional
postgraduate study at Harvard and Cornell Universities, and was honored
with a Doctorate from the College of the nation's largest church. As a univer-
sity professor, the author taught seventeen different courses, authored six
college textbooks and was selected for the Honor Society's teaching award
and membership in a national Education Honorary. As one of fifty educators
worldwide included in an international edition of
Who's Who, the author
was selected by President Reagan's Citizen Ambassador Program to represent
the U.S. abroad. (Ps. 62:9, Luke 16:15, I Cor. 2:5)

Dr. Riplinger  and A V Publications, Corp., have granted "copyright permission" to Dr. Charles Lee Vaughn, affording   
him the privilege to "Bench' Mark'" (i.e. within his Web-Site Ministry), from A V Publication's over 100 books, videos,
audios, and tracts by over 40 different authors supporting the Authorized King James Bible Version,  "substantial"
irrefutable proofs and the "Latest Research Supporting
Most notably among the A V Publications offerings, to be "bench-marked" by Dr. Vaughn are two "premier" books:
                                       MESSAGE, MEN AND MANUSCRIPTS MOVING MAN-
                                       KIND TO THE ANTICHRIST'S ONE WORLD RELIGION.
                                                      THE NEW CASE AGAINST:
                                                              LIVING, PHILLIPS, NEW JERUSALEM, & NEW CENTURY
 Table of Contents:

                              "[Y]e have perverted the words of theliving God. Jeremiah 23:36
This book is what reporters refer to as a `scoop'.
                                        Much digging in literature and manuscripts from around
                                        the world has uncovered an alliance between new versions
                                        of the bible (NIV, NASB, Living Bible and others) and the
                                        chief conspirators in the New Age movement's push for a
                                        One World Religion. Unlike the sensational or emotion-
                                        ridden fogging of the facts which could accompany such
                                        disclosure, this book objectively and methodically docu-
                                        ments the following discoveries, which stunned the author
                                        as they will the reader.

 1.  The New Age movement's expressed goal of
                                         infiltrating the evangelical church and gradually changing
                                         the bible to conform to its One World Religion is evident
                                         in the current new versions. Their words and doctrines
                                         prepare the apostate church of these last days to accept
                                         the Antichrist, his mark, image, and religion-Lucifer worship.

2. This has taken place because the editors of the
                                          new versions, as well as the authors of the Greek editions
                                          manuscripts, lexicons, and dictionaries used in their com-
                                          pliation, hold beliefs which an orthodox Christian would
                                          find shocking. Research opens the door exposing them
                                          in seance parlors, mental institutions, prison cells and
                                          courtrooms for heresy trails. A few examples include:

*  The Greek text used to translate the NIV, NASB,
                                           and others was an edition drastically altered by a
                                           Spiritualist (one who seeks contact with the dead
                                           through seances), who believed he was in the new age."1
                                           Two other `new' version editors were also involved in  

* The NIV's chief editor vaunts his version's
                                                      heresy saying: This [hi own translation} shows
                                                      great error that is so prevalent today is some
                                                      orthodox Protestant circles, namely the error
                                                      that regeneration depends upon faith . . . and
                                                      that in order to be born again man must first
                                                      accept Jesus as Savior.

                                                      [F}ew clear and deceive texts that declare that
                                                                                 Jesus is God.

  * The NASB's progenitor, called "the mediator
                                                      between East and West" by his colleagues, was an
                                                      instrumental member of the `gathering' which
                                                      West Journal
calls the kick off event for the New Age
                                                      movement and "East West Synthesis/"
4 This new
                                                      version editor referred to his alterations of the
                                                      articles of faith saying:

                                                                                The changes thus far . . . are in the right decision
                                                                                . . . and should the gems of  a new theology

                                                         * A surprising number of new version editors
                                                       have permanently lost their ability to speak (five
                                                       and still counting).

* Insanity marked another prominent new
                                                         version editor whose commitments to mental
                                                         institutions served as bookends to a life
                                                         fraught with derangement and hallucinosis.

*  The reference dictionary used by new
                                                          version editors to research Greek etymology
                                                          was Hitler's propaganda `high priest', who
                                                          was later tried and found guilty of war
                                                          crimes as an accessory in the death of

3.  Contrary  to advertising claims, the new
                                               versions are more difficult to read than the KJV,
                                               according research using the Flesch-Kincaid
                                               Grade Level Indicators.
4. A `new' Christianity is emerging from the
                                                new versions which substitute riches for righteous-
                                                ness, a crown for a cross, and an imitation for a
                                                new creation.

5. The few Greek manuscripts underlying new
                                                versions contain yet unreleased material which is
                                                an exact blueprint for the antichrist's One World
                                                Religion. A complete translation of these is being
                                                called for by new version editors and New Agers
                                                alike. This `new' version could be the final `uni-
                                                versal bible' called for by U. N. Assistant Secre-
                                                tary General Robert Muller.