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Dr. Charles L. Vaughn, B.A., B.S.W., B.A., M.P.A., D.D.
Founder, Owner, President & Pastor
Hebrews 11:3 "Through Faith We Understand . . ." Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.
2120 Central Avenue #204
Anderson, IN 46016-4381

     About the Author & Web Master
In  2007, Dr. Charles Lee Vaughn celebrated two                       
significant "milestones" regarding his many     
decades of serving the Gospel of God (Romans                         
1:1 & Romans 15:16) and the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans
1:16 & Romans 15:19).
In May 2007, Dr. Vaughn celebrated his
40th year as a
Born-Again-Christian; in September (e.g. of the same year)
2007, Dr. Vaughn celebrated his
40th year as an Ordained
Minister of the Gospel of God / Gospel of Jesus Christ.
He's completed 16 consecutive/continuous/contiguos years of
higher education earning five (5) degrees becoming an Alumnus
of five (5) distinguished Educational Institutions in three (3)
different States:

Atlanta, GA, [Double-Graduate]
Immanuel Baptist College: B.A.
Religious Education;
Immanuel Baptist Seminary: D.D.    
Divinitatis Doctor (Doctor of Divinity)

Anderson, IN,
Anderson University: B.A. Sociology

Erie, PA, [Double-Graduate]
Gannon University: B.S.W.
Bachelor of Social Work;
Gannon University School of Graduate
: M.P.A. Master of Public Administration (Human
Resources Management / Metropolitan Form of Government "in
lieu of" Home-Rule Charter Form of Government).

After living and professionally working in Erie, PA for some 20
years; Dr. Vaughn, prayerfully, returned to his hometown of
Anderson, IN, June of 2001. As he enters his
43rd year (e.g.
2010) of working for God The Father / Our Lord & Saviour Jesus
Christ, he continues to pursue a four-fold mandate of
responsibilities, each stationed in Anderson, IN,  which includes:
(1.) Maintaining his registry as Web Master of this
Authorized King James Version (1611) "Biblical
Teaching" website;
(2.) "Prayer-Led" Physical-Plant development for the
11:3 Evangelistic Development & Training Center;
(3.) "Prayer-Directed" Physical-Plant "ground-work"  germinating
the "planting & raising" for the
Hebrews 11:3 Evangelistic
Ministries Church
; and
(4.) Completing his 'work-working-progress" manuscript for his
book to be published by Xulon Publishing Co. (i.e the nation's
largest publisher of Christian Books) entitled:
"Don't Bother Asking God for Diced Fruit Cocktail: A Biblical
Handbook on Christian Prayer

Dr. Vaughn
conducts Seminars on the topic of: Christian Prayer;
honorariums; lectures on his topics of: "What it Means
to "Learn to Pray" from the Scriptures contained within the
Authorized King James Version Bible (1611)
; speaks on
pertinent issues of: "Why I endorse the usage of the Authorized
King James Version Bible (1611)       [ . . . reliance on internal
verification of the Scriptures by the witness of the Spirit and the
internal integrity of the "entire" Bible} and stands "in opposition"
to Text Criticism, as well as Naturalistic Text Criticism, et al!"
And, provokes "thought" on the subject/fact that
Lucifer is "the"
Son of the morning - as detailed in Isaiah 14:12-17 (KJV)!
Dr. Vaughn invites being contacted via, one's choice of, the two
forms below.