According to Revelations 19:20; 20:10; 20:14 & 20:15 . . . "all of these were
cast into
the Lake of Fire!"
Rev. 19:20.  And the beast was taken
and with him, the false prophet that
wrought miracles before him, with which
he deceived them that received the mark
of the beast, and him that worshipped his
image. These both were cast alive into
the lake of fire burning with brimstone.
Rev. 20:10. And the devil that deceived
them was cast into the lake of fire and
brimstone, where the beast and the
false prophet
are, and shall be
tormented day and night forever and

Rev. 20:14. And death and hell were cast
into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

20:15. And whosoever was not found
written in the book of life was cast into
the lake of fire.
"Hell" & the "Lake of Fire" were not created with any of these facsimiles ever-in-mind; so
how will so many decent, law abiding people "wind-down" and end down in "hell" and,
then, "the Lake of fire"? Popular opinion states that many people feel that (a.) they don't
have to make a choice in deciding where to spend "Eternity" or (b.) they, while living, can
remain NEUTRAL and ignore making a decision! Problem is this. There are only two (2)
destinations created regarding "Eternity" - there is no third option - only two. So to decide
either (a.) or (b.) one places ones self in the position of having "Hell" as a CONSOLATION
PRIZE! There's simply
no "third-choice" available regarding Eternity - no third option. You
know the
two choices offered, full well and you, also, know that only "you" can decide to
make the selection, while living. Please, don't let Hell become your CONSOLATION PRIZE;
don't wind-down there! You know whose "name" to call-on in order to be
Saved and
Heaven as your Home! Call on Him; be Saved and select Heaven as your Eternal
Home. John 3:16; Romans 10:13  
Invitation by: Dr. Charles Lee Vaughn