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                            King James Version (KJV)
                    (1611) The most popular translation ever produced,  
this Bible was done during the reign and at the urging of King James the First of              
England. 47 scholars, divided into 5 groups, worked on the translation. Based largely
on the Bishop's Bible, many Hebrew and Greek texts were also studied as well as all
other available English translations, to insure the best results. By choosing men of
many different theological and educational backgrounds, it was hopeful individual
prejudices of the translators could be minimized. Printed in a handy size and in clear
type, the KJV was supposed to please clergy and congregation alike. Despite initial
resistance, the KJV became and still is the largest selling translation of the Bible.

By using the exhaustive index to find the specific areas you wish to study,   
you can develop your own study program and see how each related verse
and its context add to your understanding and personal spiritual growth.

Comprehensive Informational Databases

Extensive helps. Aside from the incredible Thompson Chain-Reference System, the
biggest thing that makes the
Thompson stand out is its extensive helps section.
Useful and practical tables, charts and illustrations, comprise over
75 features
arranged in
10 departments. On-the-spot help for nearly any Bible study question you
may encounter.

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King James Version
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The King James Bible is the only book in world history to exceed One  
copies in print. Oh, how our generation pales next to the  
powerful voices of the past in glorifying the word of God.
Dr. G. A. Riplinger