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King James Version (KJV)
                                (1611) The most popular translation ever produced,  
this Bible was done during the reign and at the urging of King James the First of              
England. 47 scholars, divided into 5 groups, worked on the translation. Based largely
on the Bishop's Bible, many Hebrew and Greek texts were also studied as well as all
other available English translations, to insure the best results. By choosing men of
many different theological and educational backgrounds, it was hopeful individual
prejudices of the translators could be minimized. Printed in a handy size and in clear
type, the KJV was supposed to please clergy and congregation alike. Despite initial
resistance, the KJV became and still is the largest selling translation of the Bible.

at the diagram at the right to fully make use of what you'll find in the margins of your
Thompson Bible.

A. Keys
for studying each Bible book. Key verses
and Key thoughts provide basic information you
can use to develop your own study.

B. Chapter Analysis for every chapter of the
C. The Topical Guide Number allows you to
identify and locate every verse in the Bible on
more than
7,000 Biblical topics. Use the numbers
to find the first reference in the Bible for the
topic you are studying.

D. Chain-Reference - the unique Thompson
feature points you directly to the next verse in
the Bible for the topic you are studying.

E. Complete Verse Analysis shows the topic and
themes of every verse of the Bible and provides
easy reference to every other verse on the same
theme or topic.

F. Parallel Passages (p.p.) lists other Bible
passages that cover the same topic.

Two Important Indexes provide immediate links
and guides to every topic, theme, person, place
and event whenever it is mentioned anywhere in

Alphabetical Index (It may be called "General Index" in your particular Bible-
depending on the actual edition you have purchased)

* Alphabetically lists every significant topic, theme, person, place, and event in the
* Includes items found in the maps, charts, databases, and special Thompson
materials as well as the Bible text itself

* Every listing includes the Topical Guide Number tied to the numerical index where
you will find the complete listing for the topic, its contents, and all of its locations in
the Bible

Numerical Index (It be called "Index to Chain Topics" or "The Condensed Cyclopedia
of Topics and Texts" in your particular Bible-depending on the actual edition you have

*  Numerically lists every topic, theme, person, place, or event in the Thompson Study
according to the Topical Guide Number.
* Gives the first biblical reference in each Chain-Reference--so you can go to the
reference and follow the topic step-by-step through the entire Bible.
*  Lists all verses on each topic so you can find a specific verse on the topic you are

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