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King James Version (KJV)
                                 (1611) The most popular translation ever produced,    this Bible was done
during the reign and at the urging of King James the First of  
England. 47 scholars, divided into 5 groups, worked on the translation. Based largely
on the Bishop's Bible, many Hebrew and Greek texts were also studied as well as all
other available English translations, to insure the best results. By choosing men of
many different theological and educational backgrounds, it was hopeful individual
prejudices of the translators could be minimized. Printed in a handy size and in clear
type, the KJV was supposed to please clergy and congregation alike. Despite initial
resistance, the KJV became and still is the largest selling translation of the Bible.

A Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is the only true "influence-Free" Study Bible. This
is the one very important difference between a Thompson and most other study
Bibles. Most study Bibles fill their margins with another person's commentary. These
are notes from a knowledgeable author who tries to explain the text to you.
Commentaries offer wide and often opposing influence. Your Thompson Bible is
"influence-Free," because instead of commentary, our margins are filled with
thousands of chain-references that propel you ahead into Scripture. Scholar's agree
that the Bible is its own best commentary, and no other study Bible helps you go
deeper into the Scripture than a Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible.

the Thompson Chain-Reference Study System offers you a complete study library in one
volume. With over
78 practical features for in depth Scriptural appreciation and understanding,
nothing can match what the
Thompson Chain-Reference Bible offers. *Over 100,000 topical
*Over 8,000 Chain-Topics *Updated Archaeological Supplements with photos and
*Outline studies of each book of the Bible *Journey maps and Bible Harmonies *Biblical
*Bible Book Outlines *Over 4,000,000 Thompson Chain-Reference Bibles sold!

    To Use a Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible
Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible is fully self-directed. You choose what
and how to study the Bible in ways that will best meet your own personal needs and

Thompson Study System is easy to use. You'll quickly feel at ease with the
powerful Bible study tools unique to the
Thompson Study Sytem.

". . . the margins of your Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible . . ."
King James Version Bible (KJV)
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