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About the Author:
G. A. Riplinger has B.A., M.A., and M.F.A. degrees, has done additional
postgraduate study at Harvard and Cornell Universities, and was honored
with a Doctorate from the College of the nation's largest church. As a univer-
sity professor, the author taught seventeen different courses, authored six
college textbooks and was selected for the Honor Society's teaching award
and membership in a national Education Honorary. As one of fifty educators
worldwide included in an international edition of
Who's Who, the author
was selected by President Reagan's Citizen Ambassador Program to represent
the U.S. abroad. Three years of teaching English as a Second Language to students                                                  
who spoke Greek, Japanese, Spanish, and numerous other languages, . . . (Ps. 62:9,
Luke 16:15, I Cor. 2:5)

Dr. Riplinger  and A V Publications, Corp., have granted "copyright permission" to Dr. Charles Lee Vaughn, affording
him the privilege to "Bench' Mark'" (i.e. within his Web-Site Ministry), from A V Publication's over 100 books, videos,
audios, and tracts by over 40 different authors supporting the Authorized King James Bible Version,  "substantial"
irrefutable proofs and the "Latest Research Supporting
Most notably among the A V Publications offerings, to be "bench-marked" by Dr. Vaughn are two "premier" books:

                                                "The saga now continues at a deeper level
                                                 in this encyclopedic book,
Greek and Hebrew  
                                          Study Dangers, The Voice of Strangers: The Men
                                          Behind the Smokescreen, Burning Bibles, Word By
The Lord, the "expert of war" (I Chron12:33),   
                                          allowed me to forge this new comprehensive weapon
                                          which can put to silence the ignorance of foolish
                                          men who question the King James Bible at every
                                          turn of a page of Greek and Hebrew reference
                                          materials. This book will answer almost every other
                                          false charge leveled against the King James Bible.
                                          Now, for the first time, this book's groundbreaking
                                          new research demonstrates the faulty nature of
                                          tools which pretend to take the reader back to
                                          so-called `original' Greek and Hebrew texts and
New Age Bible Versions was milk; now
                                          the reader is ready to chew meat (I Cor. 3:2). Jesus
                                          had cautioned, "I have yet many things to say unto
you, but ye cannot bear them now" (John 16:12).

Taken together,
New Age Bible Versions and the book you hold in your hand create a
complete examination of Greek and Hebrew study dangers. They cannot be viewed as
separate or conflicting books.
This book is merely an extension of New Age Bible
and is meant to be read as volume two. Reading it alone will give a
disproportionate emphasis.
The errors of the critical Greek text underlying the NIV, TNIV,
ESV, HCSB, NASB and most new versions are so extensive that it took 700 page book (
Age Bible Versions)
to describe them, their evil editors, and their history. Small attention was
directed to the critical Greek text in this volume because it was so fully covered in that first
book. THE MOST EGREGIOUS Greek study dangers are found in the critical Greek text made
popular by Westcott and Hort and seen today in the Nestle-Aland and United Bible Society's
Greek text. Several chapters will document the collusion of B.F. Westcott and C.J. Vaughn,
child molester
, who together with other Revised Version translation committee members,
corrupted the scriptures and first penned many of the words seen today in new versions, as
well as in lexicons such as
Vine's Expository Dictionary of the New Testament. . . .  

The serpent's moves were exposed in New Age Bible Versions. That book weakened the boa
constrictor NIV-hold in liberal circles and loosened the NKJV noose in many conservative
circles. It even caused a panicked re-write of the NASB in 1995. Satan had to retreat. New
versions have gone running and hiding from many churches and homes.

. . . It exposed the errors in the NIV, NASB, NKJV, and
all modern versions of the Bible and
proved the purity of the King James Bible (variously referred to in this book as the KJB, KJV,
AV, and the Authorized Version). That book brought about the demand for nearly a million
copies of other helpful tools by this author, such as videos, tracts, and the books,
Which Bible
Is God's Word?, The language of the King James Bible,
and In Awe of His Word.

The preceding books, New Age Bible Versions and In Awe of His Word, were building blocks
to establish a foundation for understanding the history and qualities of God's true word.
In Awe
of His Word
established the primacy and inspiration of the King James Bible as THE "one"
interpreter of the scriptures for the English speaking people since A.D. 1611 (I Cor. 14:27). It
demonstrated that the KJB is in agreement with the pure ancient and historic Holy Bibles, both
English and in other languages. The advertisements for new bible versions falsely claim that
they use better and older Greek and Hebrew manuscripts than the King James Bible. The book
ew Age Bible Versions was written to answer this false charge and to prove it wrong. In New
Age Bible Versions
I showed that by the enemies' own criteria (Greek and Hebrew
manuscripts) the King James Bible text was the oldest and most widely used.
New Age Bible
showed that the KJB was in agreement with the majority of manuscripts (now around
5,700). The Greek manuscripts and the vernacular Bibles, discussed in
In Awe of Thy Word,
together form what is called the Received Text, that is, the Holy Bible preserved and then
received and accepted by the body of Christ throughout the centuries. . . .

This book exposes in detail the
corrupt Hebrew texts used by new versions, including the
NKJV. Those examined include the Ben Asher, The
Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) by
K. Elliger and W. Rudolf, as well as Hebrew editions by other editors such as Baer, Dilitzsch,
Snaith and various Israeli editors, such as Mordechai Breuer and Cohen.

. . .  God's word is not like other books. It can only be understood by direct intervention of the
Holy Ghost. He will not cast his pearls before swine (Matt. 7:6). He hides things from the wise
and prudent matt. 11:25). He will show himself unsavory to some. Only to the pure will he show
himself pure (2 Sam. 22:270. Sensing that God is withholding knowledge the wise and prudent
join the "thief and the robber" to find yet "some other way" to enter into an understanding of his
word (John 10:1). [T]he words which man's wisdom teacheth" in Lucifer's lexicons provide just
such a counterfeit for that "which the Holy Ghost teacheth" (I Cor. 2;13).       

              Table of Contents