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"Father, forgive them; . . ."
The . . . logo (i.e. Triquetra or Mobius) is the ancient symbol for the pagan
trinity, not the Christian Trinity. Use of number symbols (like this 666) can
be traced back to Pythagoras (582 B.C.), initiate into the Egyptian
mysteries. The symbol was popularized again by satanist Aleister
Crowler (circa 1900) for the Royal Arch (Lucifer) of the 3rd Degree of the
York Order of Masonry. The symbol's shape is duplicated as three
initiates join arms and feet, while repeating the names of the ancient
pagan trinity. The . . . symbol can be seen on satanic rock group albums
like Led Zeppelin (pictured above), as well as on New Age bestsellers
The Aquarian Conspiracy. Remember Acts 17:29 " (W)e ought not
to think that the Godhead is like (anything) . . . graven by art . . ."
G.A. Riplinger "New King James Omissions"
                    A.V. Publications
The triquetra symbol, as viewed in these two "reasonable-facsimiles"
displayed has its origins in the occult. It has always been associated with
pagan beliefs, satanic practices, and witchcraft
If the Holy Bible you own and are "feeding" out of is: Authorized King James Version Bible then your
Holy Bible has, absolutely, never-ever had any "historical" association with any such symbol
similar or related to Triquetra, as depicted in the narrations above!

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As he spake by the mouth of his holy prophets, which have been since the world began, Luke 1:70

by Henry M. Morris*

(c) Copyright 2003 Institute for Creation Research, All Rights Reserved.

In this day of rapid change, when many Christians have suddenly started using one of the many modern English
translations of the bible (NASB, NIV, NEB, NRSV, NKJV, etc.), abandoning the long-used King James Version read and
loved by English-speaking people of all ages and walks of life for over ten generations, it may be appropriate to review
a few of the reasons why many creationists, including this writer,
[Note: including the author/web-master of this
still prefer to use the latter.

               The King James Translators

One reason is that all the fifty or more translators who developed the King James Bible were godly men who believed
strongly in the inerrancy and full authority of Scriptures and who , therefore, believed in the literal historicity of Genesis,
with its record of six-day creation and the worldwide flood. This has not been true of many who have been involved in
producing the modern versions.  

The spiritual motivations and convictions of the King James translators are indicated by their fascinating preface,
entitled "The Translators to the Reader." The flavor of this impassioned essay can be illustrated by the following

The Scriptures then being acknowledged to be so full and perfect, how can we excuse
           ourselves of negligence, if we do not study them, of curiosity, if we be not content with
           them? . . . It is not only an armor, but also a whole armory of weapons, both offensive
defensive; whereby we may save ourselves and put the enemy to flight.
      It is not an herb, but a tree, or rather a whole paradise of trees of life, which
      bring forth fruit every month, and the fruit thereof is for meat, and the leaves
      for medicine. . . . a fountain of most pure water springing up to everlasting life,
      and what marvel? The original being thereof from heaven, not from earth; the
      author being God, not man; the editor, the Holy Spirit, not the wit of the
      Apostles or Prophets; the Penmen such as were sanctified from the womb, and
      endued with a principal portion of God's Spirit; the matter, verity, piety, purity,
      uprightness; the form, God's Word, God's testimony, God's oracle, the word
      of truth, the word of salvation, etc., the effects, light of understanding, stable-
      ness of persuasion, repentance from dead works, newness of life, holiness,
      peace, joy in the Holy Ghost; lastly, the end and reward of the study thereof,
      fellowship with the saints, participation of the heavenly nature, fruition of
      an inheritance immortal, undefiled, and that shall never fade away; happy is
      the man that delighteth in the Scripture, and thrice happy that meditate
in                                                                          it day and night.                              

Furthermore,the King James translators were also great scholars, every bit as proficient in the Biblical languages as any
of those who have come after them. They were familiar with the great body of manuscript evidence, as well as all the
previous translations. They worked diligently on the project (assigned to them by King James) for over seven years,
completing it in the year 1611.

The professional qualifications of the translators were all extremely high. There were 54 scholars originally assigned to
the project by King James, though some died early in the project. There were evidently 47 who were active throughout
the project, all of whom were exceptionally well qualified both academically and spiritually.

For example, John Bois, who kept the most complete account of the proceedings of the translators, was extremely
skilled in both Hebrew and Greek. In fact, it is reported by his biographer that he was reading through the Hebrew Old
Testament when he was only five years old. He was expert in all forms of Greek, including the Koine Greek of the New
Testament, and complied one of the largest Greek libraries ever. Dr. Bois became Dean of Canterbury in 1619.